Always make sure you hire a professional when you require a translation.
At Bell Johnson Translations, we use the latest translation memory and termbase software to ensure our translations are consistent, accurate and completed in a timely manner.


Translation is our most popular service. It involves taking the content of a written document and rewriting it in a different language. The translation can be an exact copy of the original, with the only difference being the language of the document, or its content can be adapted to a new purpose. For example, if the original document is very technical because it was written for industry experts, its translation may need to be simplified if it's intended for the general public.


One of the advantages of working with a professional translator is that we're experts in the cultures and languages we work with, so we can help advise you on the best way to introduce your text into the target audience's language and culture. This will result in your translation being received in the best way possible. 

At Bell Johnson Translations, we translate documents from Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan into English. 


​Sometimes these words are used interchangeably in everyday speech, but in the language industry they refer to three different services.

  1. Revision: Checking a translation against the original document to ensure the translation is accurate, consistent and suitable for its purpose. ISO 17100 international standards require that translations are revised by another translator before they are finalised.

  2. Review: A monolingual examination of a document to check that its content is suitable for its purpose. 

  3. Proofreading: A monolingual examination of a document to check for stylistic and grammatical errors.


At Bell Johnson Translations, we revise documents that have been translated from Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan into English, and we review and proofread documents in English. Please note our review and proofreading services are not limited to documents that have been translated, and are available for documents that were created in English. 

Since translators work with texts in multiple languages everyday, we're experts on picking up on the nuances that can make the difference between a good text and an excellent text. Having a translator look over a translation or copy before you publish it is a foolproof way of making sure that it has the desired effect on your readers.


PEMT is a service that is becoming increasingly popular. It involves first translating a document using a machine translation engine, which the translator can then edit. However, this does mean that the document needs to be shared with a third party, and hence this service is not suitable for documents which need to remain confidential.


The idea behind PEMT is for the translator to use as much of the machine translation output as possible to increase their productivity. As this service relies on machine translation to do most of the work, it is considerably cheaper than purchasing a translation. However, you must take into account that even though machine translation engines are constantly improving, they still don't produce translations which have the same quality and accuracy of a human translation. Therefore, in order to qualify for this service, the machine translation output must be reasonably accurate and of a reasonable level of quality. The best way to find out if your text qualifies for this service is to send us a copy of the document in the original language. We'll then run it through a machine translation engine and assess the output.

When PEMT is possible, we offer two variations of the service: light PEMT and full PEMT.

  1. Light PEMT is the cheaper service and will ensure that the machine translation output is comprehensible and accurate, but it will most likely sound as if it were written by a machine. Spelling and grammar mistakes will only be corrected if they affect your ability to understand the text. This service is perfect when you only need to get the gist of the document.

  2. Full PEMT is more expensive than the light service but still cheaper than purchasing a translation. This service will produce a text of a more comparable quality to that of a human translation. All spelling and grammar mistakes will be corrected, however as the text was originally translated by a machine, it may not be as idiomatic as a human translation.

At Bell Johnson Translations, we offer PEMT from Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan into English.